If you pay attention to the antics of Ken Block, former shoe guy, extreme sports participant and driver in the massively popular series of Gymkhana videos, then you have probably seen his most recent cinematic creation, Gymkhana 8. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor.

We’re not here to discuss the driving though. We’re here to talk about that teaser at the end.

Those who waited were treated to renderings of what was said to be Ken Block’s next car, the Ford Focus RS RX, coming soon in Gymkhana 9. The silver apparition on the screen featured wider-than-wide bodywork, aggressive SHOgun-esque rear fender scoops and a monster wing. That’s all we got, and as soon as it appeared the Internet blew up with cries of, “What in the world was that?”

Immediate speculation by some was that this computer-generated image was actually the rumored Hoonigan Racing FIA World Rallycross racecar, given that Block had signed on as a factory Ford driver a month earlier.


Many thought this car was to replace the originally-planned Ford Fiesta ST rally cars driven in the new video. Those whisperings were correct, and Ford has released initial specs on the factory-supported machines being fielded on the two-car team, and they’re impressive.

Designed collectively by Ford Performance, Hoonigan Racing and U.K.-based M-Sport, the Focus RS RX is built around a 600 hp, 664 lb ft, 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine backed by a 6-speed sequential transmission. Ford says this monster will sling Block and fellow team member Andreas Bakkerud to 60 mph in less than 2 seconds.

Watch for Block’s full-time World Rallycross Debut debut behind the wheel of this new contender April 15-17 in Portugal. We’re sure if Block has anything to do with it we’re about to go on a wild ride of epic proportions.

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