If you ever want to see a stylish and interesting auto show booth that is perfectly built around a brand image and its customers, go see the Mini booth at the LA Auto Show. Designed with fun and quirky brick walls that look like old English buildings, and staffed by an army of stylish and young “product experts” that are split nearly 50/50 across gender lines.

The booth feels small and intimate, with a focus towards being trendy and expressing individualism, again, just like Mini as a brand. As for actual cars on display, the new Mini Cooper Hardtop and Clubman made an appearance, but the big news was the new Mini Convertible. Just like its hardtop sibling, this new drop top comes with your choice of a 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine sourced from BMW.

There is little to talk about beyond the booth design and the new Convertible, but the Mini booth was still one of the highlights of the show for me.