Being the smallest brand owned by Toyota, it came as no surprise that the Scion booth was the smallest booth set up by the giant Japanese corporation, but what was surprising was how interesting and varied the items in that booth were. Scion is aimed a younger generation crowd, and the Scion booth embraced that. There were large digital pinball units, and you could even take a “Scion Selfie” with the new iA and iM.

Along with that fun stuff, there were also some modified Scions, the BRZ and the debut of a new concept car. Wearing the name C-HR Concept, this cool new crossover is concept through and through with its crazy styling. The angular edges, insanely cool lighting treatments and gigantic 21-inch wheels will never make it to production, but this car does prove that Toyota is looking to move the Scion brand into more markets with a stylish compact crossover in the near future.