Mitsubishi is a company that most of the automotive public has forgotten about, but they are doing everything they can to make sure they stay fresh in buyer’s minds. The Lancer Evolution may be the brand’s most exciting car, but it arrived in LA with a pair of replacements for its cheapest car, and its best-selling car.

The new 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage is a fresh visual take on the smallest and cheapest car that Mitsubishi makes for the US market. It still rolls into showrooms with its anemic 78 horsepower engine, but its new look and nicer interior should help win over a few customers. The bigger piece of news from the show is the 2016 Outlander Sport. The Outlander Sport has been the biggest seller of the small Japanese company.

This is little more than a visual refresh, but the new design makes the Outlander Sport look more interesting and modern. Inside materials have been upgraded and enhanced to make the cabin look and feel a bit nicer. Beyond that, very little has changed. Equipment lists are basically identical, as are the drivetrain configurations. Even price has stayed the same.

Considering Mitsubishi is not having any trouble shifting the Outlander Sport, making a better looking model for the exact same price seems like a solid business move.