At the beginning of August, Spyker got a bit choleric with General Motors and made the decision to sue. The reasoning dealt with the Swedish automaker Saab who was once owned by both companies but went fully bankrupt because of them. Since Spyker firmly believes that GM’s limitations on product rights hindered Saab and caused the bankruptcy, the lawsuit was opened. Now, the deadline for a reply is here but the General has nothing more than a request: more time. That request was, oddly enough, granted.

Since GM would not allow any rights to the 9-4X crossover to be signed away for a potential buyout, Spyker was forced to cut ties with Saab because of not having the ability to support it. If those rights were to be offered however, the brand could have easily been under China’s Youngman’s control and thus, according to Spyker, GM inhibited the future growth of Saab. According to Autoblog, the request asked for an extra 30 days to decide on a response. The new due date is now September 28 but the old complaint is still there. Spyker is looking for $3 billion in damages because of the repeated denial of a buyout with Youngman.

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