Nissan, in a strategic move to boost sales of their fully eclectic Leaf, has cut the starting price by $6,400. Nissan accomplished the price reduction by cutting base model content and relocating production to Tennessee.

The reduction in price earns the Leaf bragging rights as the least-expensive fully electric vehicle sold in the U.S. at $28,800. At that price, you get a Leaf S model with a downgraded 3.6-kW onboard charger. You can upgrade to the 6.6-kW charging system which cuts charging time in half, bring the car from empty to 80 percent full in four hours.

The more upscale SV model saw a price reduction as well. For 2012, the Leaf SV started at $35,200, but for 2013 the SV starts at $31,820. The range-topping SL model starts at $34,840, down $2,410 from 2012.

Prices fall even farther south once you receive all applicable federal and state credits. Owners can potentially drive a Leaf for less than $19,000.


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