There is a new Forza game coming, and it’s going to feature the most powerful production Lamborghini of all time as the hero car. Yes, the Lamborghini Centenario will be playable in the next Forza game, and it will be featured on the cover. Now we are not sure what this new Forza game will be called, but Microsoft and Turn 10 have announced that the major details will be announced this summer at E3, and that the Centenario will be front and center.

Considering that there are only going to be 40 of these machines ever built for the real world, 20 coupes and 20 roadsters, the likelihood of ever seeing one is almost nonexistent, let alone the chance to drive one. This is where the digital world really makes automotive dreams come to life. Not only will the new Forza game features this 760 horsepower Italian monster, it will also be the be the first to host said machine on its digital streets. If you really want to experience the Centenario, you’re first chance will be exclusive to Forza.

As for the new game itself, I would expect to see the new game carry a Horizon title. Turn 10 has been on a solid cadence of giving us a Horizon game between every major Forza release since Forza 4 debuted on the Xbox 360. That is five games and five years of history that say this new game will most certainly be another open-world romp. After the excitement and fun I had in Forza Horizon 2, you won’t see me complaining if they announce a third title for the series.

All the info will be dropped in June at the Microsoft press conference during E3.