Photo by Lamborghini

It’s always nice to see Lamborghini racing their cars and winning. Ferraris might be known, and built, to win races, but Lamborghinis are usually reserved for more insane street use rather than racing. Yet, when Lamborghini puts out a GT3 car, you can expect it will be a contender.

A Lamborghini GT3 car has gotten its first win since they switched from the Gallardo to the Huracán. The third round of the British GT Championship at Oulton Park was where this victory took place- it was a victory for Barwell Motorsport, who runs the new Huracán GT3. Their two cars started first and second, and then finished first and seventh in the end.

Huracán number 6, the Griffin-Carrol car, was the car that started and ended the third race on top, while car number 33 had a penalty that stifled their chances at winning, and alas they only finished seventh.

Race two was much less lucky for the Lamborghinis, and the closest to victory they achieved was 3rd and 5th place. The next round of the British GT Championship will be at Silverstone on June 11th and 12th.

Also, the Huracán GT3 had its first win in the Italian GT championship. In race 1 at Imola, team Imperiale Racing, with drivers Mirko Bortolotti and Jeroen Mul, was able to secure victory.

The 2nd race was full of heavy rain, safety cars, and then finally it stopped under a red flag. The Lamborghinis in the race managed a second and third position at the end. The third round of the Italian GT championship will be July 11th and 12th in Misano Adriatico.

Written by: Justin Davis