Mad Max is coming quickly, and now we have our best look yet and just how the game can be played. In this new “Choose your own Adventure” trailer, Max is given a set of situations followed by a trio of different ways to tackle the situation. Do you want to be a bit more subtle, do you want to take things on foot, or do you want to go all-out in your car to cause mayhem? All of these choices and more await you in the video below. There are three choices for three different scenarios, so there is a total of 9 sections of video to watch if you want to see it all.

Regardless of which path you choose, one thing seems pretty obvious. This game is much more about your car than it is running around on foot. If I didn’t actually know any better, I’d say you never have to stop driving if you didn’t want to.

Just press that play button and watch just how wild this game can be when played the way you want. I promise it won’t disappoint.

Mad Max Launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC September 1st