Chevrolet just created the perfect Corvette, and I want one more than almost anything. It’s called the Grand Sport, and just like all previous Grand Sport models, it’s that perfect combination of race and road equipment. The last generation Grand Sport took all the looks and handling equipment of the Z06, but slapped it onto the base Corvette, creating a great handling and lightweight car, but with the smaller motor of the standard C6. It was a great combination. For 2017, Chevy has pulled the same trick with the new C7, and it might just be the best Corvette on sale today.

The current Z06 is an absolute monster with its 650 horsepower, supercharged V8, and it has true track credentials with its carbon fiber extras, stiff suspension, and full aero package.

The only real issue is that 650 horsepower can be a bit too much for a lot of tracks, and there are some serious issues with the cooling that make it less than ideal for longer track days. But now with the new Grand Sport Corvette, we get the carbon fiber fenders, the wider body, the upgraded suspension, and all the aggression that accompanies those things, but it comes with the 460 horsepower, naturally-aspirated V8 tucked under the hood. I could imagine nothing better. Plus, did you see that incredible inset of the original C2 Grand Sport embossed in the headrests of the seat?!


If you want a true sports car, and an honest racing experience, you need a lightweight machine with a willing powerplant that won’t overwhelm you. That sounds like exactly what Chevy has created here. I know very few track rats who would argue that 460 ponies is “not enough” for track use.

If you want a Corvette, and you want the purest driving experience you can get with those Crossed Flags on the nose, you need the Grand Sport.

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