In 1983, Nissan began production at its Smyrna, Tennessee assembly plant. One of the first vehicles to be built there was given the name “Job One” and today, that small pickup that was created has morphed into the Frontier. As special as the truck is to the plant, Nissan will be moving it and its SUV brother, the Xterra, to Canton, Mississippi. With both trucks getting ready for a generation change, their Smyrna production is officially over so that Nissan can move on to the future.

“The Frontier put the plant on the map,” said Susan Brennan, vice president, Smyrna manufacturing. The switch honestly makes sense especially considering Canton is home to the other Nissan trucks such as the full size Titan. Even though workers at the Smyrna plant may feel lost without their loveable pickup, they will certainly stay busy. For the first time ever, Nissan will run three shifts at its Tennessee plant later this fall.

“All the new products we are bringing in, the (Infiniti) JX, the new Pathfinder, the LEAF, the new Altima, the Maxima and the Rogue, are going to keep Smyrna on the map,” said Brennan.

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Source: Nissan