Nissan’s wild FWD Le Mans racer, the GT-R LM Nismo, will be returning to the grid in 2016. The ground-breaking race car had a poor showing at the 2015 Le Mans where it finished dead last, but Nissan believes there is still lots of merit and untapped performance with the radical new design. Nissan seems to have learned from the problems and issues at Le Mans, and they are pushing forward with a faster and more reliable car.

To prove how much better the car has gotten, Nissan took it to the Circuit of the Americas outside of Austin Texas for testing, and the car performed admirably. Nissan claims that the car was running without the KERS hybrid power assistance, and with unknown tires, but it was still faster around the track and the car had been in previous testing sessions from earlier this year. Good signs indeed.

Nissan GT-R LM Nismo (15)

Nissan is also actively recruiting even better driving talent, and the team plans on contesting more and more races in the 2016 season, not just Le Mans. 2015 was a rough year for Nissan’s new LMP1 racer, but 2016 looks to be better and brighter.

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