Mazda Motor Corporation is planning on playing it safe by issuing a voluntary recall on certain Tribute SUVs. The first run cars could have an issue with their brake master cylinder as the attached reservoir could leak. The cap that holds the brake fluid may be faulty causing a leak which could spell trouble in more ways than one. The loss brake fluid in general can cause poor braking while the closest major component to the reservoir, the antilock braking module wiring harness connector, could become damaged as well. If too much fluid comes into contact with the module, corrosion may develop and lead to either melting, smoking or even a fire.

Currently, there are 52,390 Tributes potentially affected. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the model years at risk are 2001 and 2002s manufactured from April 20, 2000 through July 19, 2002. Mazda is looking to begin the recall on or around January 30, 2012 and is issuing a specific safety request for owners. Until a certified dealer can remedy the problem, the automaker is asking Tribute drivers to park their vehicles outside. When notified, owners will be able to have their vehicle’s brake master cylinder replaced and have the ABS electrical system modified to coincide with the new pump. This will take place free of charge.

Source: NHTSA

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