A little more than two years ago, an exclusive Dutch supercar company known as Spyker took the plunge and purchased the Saab. In order to prove its commitment, Victor Muller and his outlandishly styled sports cars quickly became a collective named Swedish Automobile N.V. From that time in 2010 until late 2011, a rollercoaster ride of drama and news took place, ultimately ending with Saab’s bankruptcy and the separation between Muller’s company. Now that Saab is on their own, the Dutch company has made the decision to return to its roots and bring back the name Spyker.

Officially a holding company, Swedish Automobile N.V. will go by the name Spyker N.V. starting April 18, 2012. According to an Autoblog article, the future has yet to reveal what’s in store for Muller’s company as the Spyker sports car was sold to an American company, North Street Capital last year. The honest-to-goodness reason for the switch has yet to be revealed, but we can fancy a guess that Saab’s bankruptcy has plenty to do with it. Since the vehicles produced under the Swedish Automobile name are essentially seen as untouchables, any association regarding these warranty-less autos could be negative.

Source: Autoblog.com

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