The partnership between Nissan and Renault is working towards meeting an accelerated demand and the plan will be conducted inside Korea. While the two automakers have been working together for more than a decade, a new investment will help not only the alliance, but the individual brands themselves. A boost of $160 million will be given to South Korean manufacturing so that the next generation Nissan Rogue can call the Busan assembly plant home and Renault can increase its Korean market share.

The branch responsible for Renault’s other worldly markets such as Asia-Pacific, Renault Samsung Motors (RSM), will be seeing a large hunk of the recent investment. Made possible by a “revival” plan, the brand is looking to launch two all-new vehicles in 2013, one of which will be a fully electric, zero-emissions compact. While RSM looks to profit from the extra boost, Nissan will benefit just as largely. With production planned to start in 2014, the next generation Rogue crossover will be pieced together at the Busan facility which was formed in 1995. Currently, the plant has an annual capacity of about 180,000 units but by the time production of the SUV is rolling, that number should jump up by 80,000. The new Rogue will not only roam around Korea, but it should make its way around the world.

“The Busan announcement represents a unique ‘win-win-win’ for Renault, Nissan and RSM, demonstrating the flexibility and power of the Alliance for all partners — and I am counting on every RSM employee to contribute to the successful completion of this project,” said Renault-Nissan Alliance Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn.

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Source: Nissan