Are you excited about the new Camaro 1LE that Chevrolet announced at the Chicago Auto Show? Well if you are looking to sing your teeth into even more information about this new performance variant of Chevrolet’s muscle car, just press the play button for the video below. While we were at the Chicago Auto Show, we caught up with Todd Christensen, the marketing manager for Camaro, and we asked him about what makes this new car special, why you should care about it, and of course how fast it was.

We also cover a myriad of the performance changes, as well as the various styling alterations. We even talk about what parts you can buy from GM to make your normal Camaro look and perform more like a 1LE package car.

It all waits you in the video. Enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe to the AutoTalk YouTube page to make sure you don’t miss any of our videos from Chicago or any other auto show.

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