Nissan brought some toys to play at the Chicago Auto Show and we haven’t stopped hearing about them yet. ­If you live in an area with heavy winter storms the Winter Warrior trio can’t be beat. Able to plow through the toughest of winter conditions, the Pathfinder, Murano, and Rogue have been retrofitted with custom snow tracks to make tackling the deepest of snow and iciest conditions an afterthought. To add an extra dose of awesome to go with those tank treads, Nissan wrapped each of the SUVs in a metallic matte vinyl.

Aside from the custom snow tracks the vehicles are showroom fresh, proving their capability as off road machines alongside being highway warriors. No major engine or drivetrain modifications here. Just special tracks that bolt straight to the hubs like a second send of wheels. Also shown was the large array of Nissan accessories such as cargo protectors, all season floor mats, and epic rear hatch tents so that even the most hardcore of winter enthusiasts can rely on to carry them anywhere they need to Keep up the good work guys, we can’t wait to see what comes next. Check them out in the video below, and then make sure you take a peek through our gallery as well.