The Lexus LC 500 is already one of the most interesting cars to come from the Japanese company in the last decade, but they are already upping the ante with a new hybrid model as well. The best part is that Lexus is promising this will be a hybrid that will actually keep your blood pumping, not just a very pretty version of a Prius. Dubbed the LC 500h, as you might have expected, this hybrid coupe’s magic sauce will lie buried within its new Multi Stage Hybrid System. Lexus is claiming this system is a world’s first and it has been designed specifically for performance applications.

The system uses the traditional Lexus 3.5-liter V6, lithium battery pack and electric motors to handle drive duties, but this new Multi Stage System integrates a secondary four-speed gearbox at the back of the hybrid transmission. The idea is to create distinct shift points, while also allowing the gasoline engine to maintain a better rpm range that is conducive to performance driving. There is a lot of engineering here that isn’t being properly explained, but we already have a line in to Toyota to see if we can get things laid out in a clearer manner. The real thing you need to know is that Lexus is claiming a 0-60 sprint of less than 5 seconds.

Lexus is also saying that they have integrated a special “M” Mode into the system that will give drivers the ability to choose their own gears; a first on a full-hybrid Lexus. Of course since it is called “M” Mode, we expect to be telling you about a lawsuit from BMW shortly.

The new car will be officially unveiled next month at the Geneva Auto Show, so keep your eyes here for more information then.