Back when Saab was still owned by General Motors, the two brands collaborated to produce the Lambda-based 9-4X SUV. Even after the sale to Swedish Automobile N.V. (then Spyker Cars) a few years ago, the 9-4X continued to stay for sale due to a commitment by GM to supply vehicle components. Fast forward to the recent past where Saab is struggling to stay above water and enter the partnership between the Swedish company and two Chinese production houses-Pang Da and Youngman- and things become a bit sketchy. A few weeks ago, Pang Da and Youngman presented Saab with a buy out to save the company and it was accepted. That proposition made GM uneasy as they said it would cut ties with Saab to supply 9-4X parts as the Chinese buy-out, according to GM spokesperson Jim Cain, “would not be in the best interests of GM shareholders.”

After that, Saab issued an official statement regarding GM’s discomfort. Despite a revision plan to produce all-new, in-house models, the company needs sales and needs them now, meaning that a loss of 9-4X models would hurt Saab even more. In order to keep that supply alive, a new agreement will be worked on so that all parties, GM included, can find a comfortable ground to walk on. The buy-out by Pang Da and Youngman could still happen, just not in its previously proposed circumstances.

Source: Saab and

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