Matt and Becky Walton are a bit “greener” now that they have become the first U.S. residents to plant a 2013 Honda Fit EV in their driveway. The Ventura County, California residents received their zero-emissions hatchback at the start of the day and are already planning a colorful life together. The delivery marks the first of a string of special leases that will take place in California and Oregon throughout the rest of the year. At the start of 2013, the EV will start to spread as its availability will increase to include some East Coast markets.

“It’s truly an honor to take delivery of the first Honda Fit EV and participate in the advancement of all-electric vehicles in the real world,” said Mr. Walton. “The Honda Fit EV is not only a sustainable and energy-efficient transportation option with the highest fuel-efficiency rating of any EV, but it has the added bonus of being fun-to-drive and can fully recharge from empty in less than three hours.” Based on the award-winning Fit subcompact, the electric version uses a lithium-ion battery pack to achieve the EPA’s highest MPGe (gasoline equivalent) rating of 118. According to the Miltons, the Fit EV’s range is impressive enough that their Honda Odyssey will now become their “secondary car”.

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Source: Honda