Porsche is one of the world’s greatest and most loved automotive brands, but thanks to an ancient and never-ending licensing agreement with Electronic Arts, the brand has rarely been found in any racing game that doesn’t start with “Need for Speed.” There have been a few exceptions over the years, but most game makers just take the loophole approach and use cars from German tuner RUF to satiate the Porsche-loving masses. Well that all changed this week, as Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios have reached and agreement with EA, and the Porsche brand is now available for Forza Horizon 2, and there are talks to get the brand into Forza 6 when that arrives later this year.

There are ten cars total in this car pack, twice as many as usual, but the pack also costs $10, which is twice as much as usual. From ancient machines like the 914-6 to modern marvels like the 918, there is everything a Porsche fan would want. Just click the play button on this video to get a good look at all the new cars in action.