Microsoft has not been shy about calling the new Forza Motorsport 6 the best racing game ever made. They are calling it the biggest and the best Forza, and to prove just how far we have come over the years, the new TV commercial for the game takes us on a blast through history.

The commercial features the new Ford GT from Forza 6, and it lets us watch as the new supercar races through some of the most iconic racing games in history. We start with Gran Trak 10, an Atari game from 1974. From there we travel through the 1980s with Pole Position, RC Pro Am, and Chase HQ. From there we get to take a quick stop in the 1990s with the original Ridge Racer from 1993.

After the Ford GT dominates all comers, it bursts through into Forza Motorsport 6 with a simple tag line; this is what we’ve been racing towards. The video looks great, the music is incredible, and of course seeing all these great classics revived to show the path racing games have taken is just an extra bonus.

You can watch the video right now below, or you can catch its official first showing on television during the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix tomorrow.