Of all the various brands that made an appearance at the LA Auto Show, it may have been Mazda who created the booth I enjoyed the most. Apart from the reveal of the all-new and exciting CX-9, the Mazda booth featured the new Miata Cup racer, the Skyactiv D racer from the Tudor racing series, and a handful of other fun and exciting machines like the Mazda 3 hatchback and the normal production Miata.

Mazda has really created a dynamic lineup with just the right combination of style, performance and practicality, and it manages to sprinkle just a dash of fun over the entire thing. It’s a very impressive trick.

The new CX-9 was a big hit for the crowd gathered for the reveal, and it stayed a popular car during the rest of the auto show. They old CX-9 was basically a dinosaur, and it was in dire need of an overhaul. The new car looks great, and thanks to a host of improvements inside and out, it should be more comfortable, practical and fun to drive than ever before.

Also, I love seeing race cars, and Mazda brought me two of them.